Blogger feedburner not updating

Every once in a while, a customer contacts us about their i Tunes feed not getting updates, and they happen to be using Feed Burner.

While Feed Burner update every 60 minutes in accordance with the settings we render in your RSS, they seem to ignore that and refresh whenever they get around to it.

Feed Burner supports the the slash separated directory structure in the URLs.

If you haven’t heard of Feedburner skip to the end of my post to learn more.

To manually force Feed Burner to update your feed, go to this page and enter your Feed Burner URL.

Within the next few minutes, they will update their copy of your Hipcast feed on their servers.

Q: I have two different blogs but want to offer one consolidated feed.

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My inbox and Twitter have been blowing up with people wanting to know why their posts are delayed in Google Reader, and what they can do about it.[blackbirdpie url=”! Plugins are supposed to work in harmony, but sometimes, they can get in the way of each other.A: No, Feed Burner won’t merge your multiple feeds into one but you can use external services like Yahoo!Pipes, Super Glu or RSS Mixer to create a single feed from your various blogs and then syndicate the merged feed via Feed Burner. Pipes to merge multiple RSS feeds into one Feed Burner feed. You will have to manually create a Feed Burner feed for each category or tag.If yes, this unofficial Feed Burner FAQ guide should answer most of your queries that you may have as a Feed Burner publisher.You will also learn some tips to improve the visibility of your RSS feeds.