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So she’s educated.” According to The National Enquirer, Clooney is also said to be uncharacteristically serious about her, especially considering how smart and independent she is.

Although Clooney has been able to keep the relationship under wraps, in private he is gushing to pals about the raven-haired Fatima, say insiders. and knew of his heartthrob rep, but she didn’t take his advances seriously because she thought their age difference – not to mention where they each lived – would make a serious relationship impractical.

Fatima Bhutto, the 26-year old niece of assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, a passionate feminist writer and journalist, graduated with a degree in Middle Eastern studies from Barnard and received a masters in South Asian studies from University of London.

Fatima is the author of two books: a volume of poetry published when she was 15 years old in her father’s memory, George Clooney, the 47-year-old actor and aspiring politician reportedly met Fatima Bhutto at an international conference last year.

Hollywood's most eligible bachelor may be about to be taken off the market - by a member of Pakistan's greatest political dynasty.

Fatima Bhutto: Is this the woman that could finally capture George Clooney's heart?

There are no relations between both of them other then animosity, grudge, hate and fear.

Infact both are enemies and possible arch rivals if Fatima herself walks into Political Arena of Pakistan or let her brother Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Junior, both children of Mir Murtaza Bhutto.

Means Bilawal is not Bhutto being a Maternal 1996 Fatima Bhutto’s Father was assassinated right outside his family house by Police, yes Police shot down him but the real catch of this incident is that, the then PM was Banazir the mother of Bilawal and real sister of Murtaza Bhutto and wife of prime suspect none other then Asif Ali Zardari as both allegedly locked horn on property and party power shares.

Later Banazir was also murdered like 11 years and again Zardari was under suspicion surprisingly this time he took charge of PPP Pakistan Peoples Party founded by Fatima Grand Father Zufiqar Ali Bhutto.