Ica stones carbon dating

Other stones depict geometric images and symbols that correspond with known petroglyphs and geoglyphs.

For example, one of the Ica stones depicts a monkey, which is almost identical to one of the Nazca geoglyphs.

More than that really--they're a mushroom cloud over the notion that dinosaurs died out millions of years before man even evolved.

Let's pretend I call you up and ask you to come over right away.

I've been digging in my backyard, I say, and I found something that is going to rewrite the timeline of human history as we know it. Nobody has ever figured out what made him think the (highly stylized and thus unrealistic) depiction of the fish screamed "extinct" to him. Undaunted, Cabrera claimed to have found caves in the area with loads more engraved stones -- 100,000, even.

On the right is a picture of one of the Ica stones that Dr. He told the police that there was no cave, and that he made these engravings on the stones himself.

There is a "very revealing interview with a Basilio Uchuya and his wife, Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, two peasants from Callango, published some years ago by Mundial magazine (Anonymous 1975).