Kesha and simon rex dating

Kesha - who has been embroiled in an on-going legal battle with producer Dr Luke over allegations of abuse, which he denies - delivered a note perfect version of the moving ballad at the The Humane Society of the United States’ to the Rescue Gala.

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Luke Kesha seemed to walk with a bit of a swagger, which was not surprising considering she finally released her first track in three years last week despite her ongoing legal battle with record producer Dr. She went on: 'I couldn't fathom being on the other side.

The Canadian star, 21, arrived at around 1.30am and went into the VIP area with his group of friends.

A witness said: “About an hour after he had arrived, a man became involved in a scuffle with one member of his party, which had to be broken up by security staff.

“I’d just done a lot of work on myself with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and acupressure; all the stuff to start dealing with the triggers of Ménière’s disease,” he says, referencing the debilitating inner-ear disorder whose symptoms threatened to permanently derail not only his career but his own mental welfare.

In addition, the resurfacing of old friends in his life at this time intensified his feelings of displacement.