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It could also mean that the offender is not in compliance with the law, and law enforcement is unaware of his/her presence in the community, in which case you should contact your local law enforcement agency to report a possible unregistered offender.

It also manages the public sex offender registry website.

(a) Unless otherwise indicated, the definitions set forth in § 4121(a) of this title shall apply to this section.

In addition, when used in this section, the phrase "custodial institution" includes any Level IV or V facility operated by or for the Department of Correction, the Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services or the Delaware Psychiatric Center, or any like institution, and the phrase "temporary resident" shall include any person who is for more than 7 days or for more than an aggregate of 30 days in any 12-month period, employed or works in Delaware, or who is a full- or part-time student in Delaware.

A student is any person who attends or enrolls in any public or private educational facility, including, but not limited to, colleges or universities.

(b)(1) Any sex offender who is released, discharged or paroled from any Level IV or Level V facility or other custodial institution after that sex offender has completed a sentence imposed following a conviction for any offense specified in § 4121(a)(4) of this title shall be required to register as a sex offender, unless pursuant to § 4123 of this title, the Family Court has not required a juvenile adjudicated delinquent of a sex offense to register.

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Sex offenders who are supervised by probation/parole are required to register with those agencies for so long as they are under supervision.

In late February 2016, social media users began sharing links and memes affirming that the leader of opposition to a North Carolina bathroom ordinance was a registered sex offender: published an article (titled “Convicted Sex Offender Leads Transgender Rights Effort in North Carolina”) which held that the “leader of efforts” to “allow men to use women’s bathrooms” was a convicted, registered sex offender.

The article reported that an individual named Chad Sevearance had spearheaded opposition to an ambiguously referenced ordinance involving transgender people and bathrooms: The homosexual leader of efforts in North Carolina to allow men to use women’s bathrooms is a convicted and registered sex offender, according to documents made available to Breitbart News.

Charlotte businessman Chad Sevearance was convicted of sexual contact with minors in 1998 and supported Charlotte's anti-discrimination ordinance.

Sevearance was not the "leader" of efforts in Charlotte or North Carolina regarding bathroom-related ordinances.

Sex chat free through text without any registration